Thursday, 16 February 2012

Linsane In The Membrane

OK I'll start with a flat-out apology to my american readers. Yes I am writing a blog about Jeremy Lin, and yes I am aware that it's been covered to death however it's not really been covered outside of the US so this article is more aimed at the rest of the world. So rest of the world you are not going to believe what in the name of shitting-crikey has been happening in the NBA. Now before you all leave please remember that basketball is one of the good american sports and also please have faith that I wouldn't waste your time with something that wasn't awesome.

I rest my fucking case.

So here's the deal. Jeremy Lin is currently the best player in the NBA and you've probably never heard of him. That's not massively uncommon, after all there is something of a delay on our acquisition of american 'culture' and we don't really watch basketball so it's bound to take a little while for this news to filter across the pond. So how long has this behemoth bestrode the top levels of the game I hear you ask... 12 days. Seriously 12 fucking days. So let's fill you in on the back-story surrounding this young chap as it represents everything that is good about sports.

Formally represented by dogs playing sports in Disney movies.

Jeremy Lin is originally from Palo Alto, California although his parents originally hail from Taiwan. He was an excellent high-school player leading his senior year team through a 32-1 season. So he obviously leapt at the multiple offers of scholarships being offered by some of the best sporting universities in the states. Except that he didn't, you see the Ivy League don't offer those kind of scholarships and Lin had his heart set on Harvard. Lin's not an obviously athletic or flashy player so it took scouts from a Harvard a few trips to see him play before they promised him a place on the team if he could get into Harvard through the regular channels... which he then did. So the end of college rolled around and Lin found himself with a degree in hand awaiting the fickle pick of the NBA draft...

A lot like this but with less fatties and gingers.

... where he was completely overlooked. After being kicked around various training camps and coaching programs Lin found himself playing for the team he'd followed in his own childhood. The Golden State Warriors... yup I've never heard of them either. Whilst playing for them though Lin acquired a cult-following among the Asian community of the area and due to his high-level of education and deep understanding of the game was requested for interviews more than any other player. However none of that really covered for an unimpressive first season and next season Lin found himself on the inactive list, basically the Warriors owned him but had no intention of playing him. So he started looking for other options, and that's how he found himself playing for...

This logo is bitchin'... that's pretty much all I have to say about this.

The Houston Rockets... well he never actually played for them as the Rockets wanted to free up space on the roster for another player and that's when he caught the eye of... no-one but one of the Knick's players was injured and they need a quick buy to make up the roster so they grabbed Lin as a professional bench warmer. Eventually the Knicks had the good sense to... loan him out to the Erie Bay Hawks in the D-League, where he finally got a shot to play a game and got 28 points and was recalled to the Knicks within 3 days. He then got a start for the Knicks. Game 1: 25 points, Game 2: 28 points, Game 3: 23 points, Game 4: 38 points, Game 5: 20 points. His first four starts in the NBA are the highest scoring first four starts in NBA history. His Jersey has been the Knicks highest selling since the beginning of February. The guys nickname is Linsanity and he got all this out of nowhere just because he worked his ass off and never gave in...

Pictured: Hero.

Jeremy Lin, I salute you!

eddie <adding linsult to linjury>

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