Sunday, 29 January 2012

Being Awesome; Part 5

Well given the short amount of time that's past between this and my last post on the subject of my continued quest towards awesomeness there is fairly little to report on the continued development front. I've kept up my attempts to grasp the fundamentals of basic physics over at I've had little free time to devote to the study of 'How To Be Awesome'. So that's been pushed to this week. I have managed to squeeze in a few awesome things. I attempted to bake a Victoria sponge cake. I say attempted as the result was sponge cake, whipped cream and jam all occupying the same plate but sadly not the same plate. Still it tasted good enough and that's what matters in the realm of cake construction as far as I'm concerned.

I've also maintained my fairly respectable work-rate with regards to my writing. If I can offer one piece of advice from my ongoing challenge it would be to find something you love and then do the shit out of it, I'm currently tracking well ahead of my update schedule when it comes to this blog, whilst also chucking a fair amount of creativity directly into short-stories and the like. Which is all for the good methinks. In addition I've been devouring the fantastic Skulduggery Pleasant books, which I highly recommend. I also watched Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back this week because I've not watched them in about a decade and fuck yeah! Actually Empire as it turns out is much slower than I recall. This brings me to my current plans in the direction of expanding my awesomeness.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing the most definitively definitive Oscar review available. I intend to watch every second of every film that is nominated for an Academy Award, I also intend to thoroughly enjoy every second of it. You see I've been kind of lapse on keeping up any films that don't have super-heroes, explosions and robots in them so I'm looking forward redressing this balance by watching a series of craftsmen ply their trade at the highest level. I'm watching War Hose as I write this and it's been bloody amazing. So look-out for that at some point in the next couple of weeks.

So more writing and more watching for the next week.

eddie <currently getting teary-eyed over horses>

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