Sunday, 15 January 2012

Being Awesome; Part 3

So I've now been successively more awesome every day for fifteen days, and I would have to say the overall philosophy has been a success. To breakdown some of the major achievements, I've been given a set of keys for work which means I am now able to head to work earlier without fear of being stuck waiting in the freezing cold, this means I'm able to compensate for the overall terribleness of the local transport system and avoid being late for work. Now I feel it's important to point out that my job isn't part of the awesome philosophy, it's something I have to do to pay the bills. My dream job seeing as you asked is to be an ambulance driver, to that end I intend to get my driving license this year and then spend the next two years (because you need a clean driving licence for that period to get the job) picking up qualifications that'll be useful to the role.

However focussing on the future or the past is not the true spirit of awesome so let's look at the week just gone and the one coming up. If that's not in the now enough for you then you don't fully understand the transient nature of time. So I've sent of my DNA sample to be a fully signed up bone marrow donor, this is a wicked thing to do I highly recommend doing it, if you're a man they need your marrow just go to the website of the Anthony Nolan Trust and register. Look the likelihood of you ever getting called upon is actually really low and in most cases it's a completely painless procedure, if however it is the more complicated procedure you have to have, MAN THE FUCK UP! Oh no, it might be a little hurty, so what mother-fucker people are fucking dying if you aren't man enough to go through a little discomfort to help someone in the time of need please turn in your testicles and someone will be along shortly to rescind your Y chromosome.

I'm still not smoking and I'm eating healthier, I'll admit I'm a wee bit tipsy as I write this though, but in my defence it's nearly midnight on a Friday. I've still managed to massively cutback on the booze, which has left me feeling... different. I'm actually feeling pretty good at the moment but that maybe because I've started meditating again rather than the whole detox thingymabob.

In other news I've been writing like some sort of crazy demon. I've been welded to the keyboard. I've written a kid's book aimed at the under tens that aims to explain depression to them in a way that is easy to understand while still giving them the right information. It's basically the book that I wished had existed when I was a youngling. I've had a proper meeting with my artist friend the wonderful Miss Victoria Graves and will be meeting her again next week to review the projects development. It may not end up being a book as I'm starting to think it may well work better as an online project, but we'll see how it goes.

In other news I'm working up a project for a short series of online episodes for a short comedy series, think After Hours over at and the Guild but with a table-top slant rather than focussing on the world of MMOs. I'm hoping that I by citing the major influences straight off the bat I'll avoid being accused of ripping them off at a later date.

So what have I got planned in the field of continued and aggressive awesomage for the next week. Well I'll be writing like the Flash on mecha-speed and using the fantastic service available over at the Khan Academy to teach myself physics, I'm gonna try and rack up a couple of GCSE's and A-Levels this year. Oh yeah I also booked myself in to give blood, which is totally something you should be doing. Anyway... yeah that's all the awesome I've been for now.

eddie <be awesome and increase the peace>

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