Monday, 23 January 2012

Being Awesome; Part 4

Well turns out the hangover I though I had was in fact a 48 hour virus, so slightly less than awesome. However the night that led me to believing I was in fact hungover was incredibly sweet featuring as it did al of the paint-ball episodes of Community and mass Nerf war. Nerf warfare is a reasonably common occurrence ever since my flatmate was bought a massive Nerf gun in his offices Secret Santa. It should tell you everything you need to know about my life that the first Nerf weapon was brought into my abode about a month ago there are now somewhere in the region of a dozen guns. As to the other activity I've spent the last week devouring Season 1 and 2 of Community and have to declare it one of the funniest things that has ever existed. It's clearly been heavily influenced by the cult classic sitcom Spaced and if you need me to explain why that's a good thing then you can play hide and go fuck yourself whilst remembering that having once been the fastest sperm isn't enough to consider your life valuable

As to my continued quest towards further awesomage, this has been a week focussed on the mind. I've been using the tools provided by the fantastic website to learn basic physics whilst brushing up on my basic maths. In addition to this I ploughed the time I spent watching the BBC's fantastic Stargazing Live to assist in the ongoing hunt for exo-planets. Turns out that human beings are still much better than computers at spotting certain patterns. As such there are tons of online programs were you can help out with doing some of the raw computing behind scientific projects, why not head over to and jump in.

I've also been trying to find non-chemical ways of unwinding, with the removal of my fragile psyche's normal scaffolding a new support system is key. As such focussing on relaxation has been incredibly important, unfortunately this has taken my Adele addiction to worrying new heights. However if you are looking to a way to unwind I heartily recommend Other than that I've had a second meeting with my illustrator and the children's book project moves forward at pace. I've also received a book entitled 'How To Be Awesome' as a belated Christmas present so hopefully by using that I will be able to develop faster and further than originally hoped. So this week will be a combination of working through that and writing like some sort of typing based demon... maybe one who is to old to keep working in demoning proper and has been moved into more of a admin role.

eddie <already 37.82% more awesome than last year>

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