Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Go Human Beings!

Fire has been sighted in the skies as far south as Iceland, the planets have aligned (the stars haven't because that's not how stars work) and once again the chosen will be bled. Such unusual portents must signal some special occasion, the coming of something of rare and strange power... What's that Community's back. Check the trailer here. Fuck, and also, Yeah! For those of you not in the know this is the reason torrenting exists. Go get the first couple of episodes of Community and watch them, seriously I'll wait...

Yes. That is Chevy Chase in a gimp-suit.

You done, now good. No, there's no reason to thank me. So with the best fuckin' show on television about to return to our screens here's a gaggle of reasons why you should be watching Community

  1. Ken Jeong as Ben Chang.
    “I'm nuts Jeff!”
    The ongoing and ridiculous decline of Spanish Genius Senor Ben Chang, is one of the funniest story-arcs in the history of television. I'll try to avoid spoilers her but suffice to say this series with a hot wife and is now dating an mannequins leg. The man has descended into madness faster than Lex Luthor.

  2. Troy and Abed.
    “I took evasive manoeuvres you can't be on my six.”
    “Then I'm on your twelve.”
    “That means I'm on your six”
    To quote star of community Joe McHale at this years Paleyfest “Troy and Abed's relationship is like nothing I've ever seen on television”. The bizarre evolution of Troy from star athlete to foolish lovable man-child has been a joy to watch. Especially in contrast to the unflappably stationary character of Abed Nadir I'm particularly looking forward to the blanket fort dwelling pair have in store for us.

  3. Annie and Jeff? Troy? Abed?... Brita?
    “Annie's pretty young so we try not to sexualise her.”
    One of the great joys of Community is that any pairing within the group is not just possible but also steeped in humour, so the ongoing Jeff and Annie will-they-won't-they Moonlighting style tension has the potential to entirely spin off in another direction. There's every chance Annie could end up with any of the other cast members, except Pierce that would be wrong.

  4. Academy Award Winner Jim Rash.
    “It's Feline Aids Awareness Day!”
    Not only is there definitely going to be some hilarious Oscar references, but there is also a strong possibility that Jim Rash will be dressed up as either an Oscar or Angelina Jolie at some point in the upcoming episode cluster.

  5. The Dreamatorium
    “We call it the Dreamatorium”
    So far we've only seen the Dreamatorium once, and as yet we've not been allowed to encounter the strange adventures that Annie, Abed and Troy could carry out in this unusual mind-space... I'm hoping for a Star Trek Holodeck Rip-off episode.

  6. Destroy Greendale
    “Why does this keep happening!”
    After two incredibly out of hand games of 'Paintball Assassin' it's became a Community tradition to absolutely destroy the entire set once a season. I will be on the edge of my seat awaiting this years dose of vandalistic lunacy.
This is their paintball episode... how can you not love it.

I cannot recommend this TV show highly enough. Community is great and if you don't agree you're are a dick.

eddie <e pluribus anus>

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