Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fuck Charity

I hate charity. I mean seriously, charity is predicated on the assumption that you and I, everyday folk need to reach into our pockets and pull out coinage to stop things like cancer, men beating women and child and animal cruelty. I hate the fact that I live in a fucking world where someone is trying to hoik these problems on to my back. Seriously do I not have enough shit on to deal with, I mean come on, as a tax-payer I'm already footing the bill for important things like making sure bankers can afford champagne and scotch, making sure our elected representatives are fully rested by supplying holidays and of course the vast expenses involved in shipping young men and women overseas to get mercilessly slaughtered. How the fuck am I supposed to do that and spare a penny for the suffering.
Do you want to live in a world where the rich can't
afford to hack the voicemail of teenage murder victims
See this is my entire problem with charity. As a society we've made it very clear where our priorities lay. We have decided that we don't care about cruelty to children, cancer or the dead and dying in other countries. We care about the bottom-line. We care about the monetary value of everything. We as a civilisation have decided that the most important thing in the world is money. The 'Occupy' movement has one central message. That message is this 'We think it's wrong that the top 1% of earners get to control the legislative agenda of the western world'. I know... fucking morons. Don't these people realise that there opinion literally doesn't count. Charity is just another way of trying to get the strong to pay for the weaks way through the world. We were all taught from a very young age that money is the most important thing in the world. You remember the lessons. "Money can buy you happiness". "Money is the most important thing in the world". "If you're not rich you don't matter." We all got taught these things as children. Well as long as the monetary value of selling us as slave labour/organ farms didn't outweigh our parents love for us.
If they're never going to make money from porn, acting or
modelling is there really any point in wasting money raising them
OK, I'm going to turn off the comedy brain for a while and drop into serious mode for a while. I do genuinely hate charity. I hate the fact that as a society we let ourselves get so turned around that the stuff we really care about is the stuff that we have to do voluntarily and the shit we all agree sucks giant hairy mammoth balls we don't even get anything approaching a say in. We work our selves to the bone, everyone in the world does, and whales aren't any closer to being saved, gay rights aren't universal and cancer and aids are still horrifying diseases. The reason for this is because the stuff we actually care about never gets a look in at elections. No polls ever ask whether we'd vote for a candidate that promised a cure to all disease, a chance to live off-world or to move every single species off of the endangered species list. They ask about exactly how much we hate bankers (a lot), how much we want to get killed by terrorists (not a lot) and how much we trust Nick Clegg (seriously fuck that guy) because that shit wins elections when it's all either of the candidates have chosen to focus on.
Seriously... just fuck this guy.
I want to live in a world where the idea of charity existing is ludicrous. If you have to go out to members of the public cap in hand and beg for money I want it to be for something frivolous and pointless because the shit we're currently asked to reach into our pockets for is the kind of shit that we should be covering without having to be asked. If the army wants to drop a bunch of young, innocent men and women into the jaws of death... well you know what, fuck having a fucking vote, fuck the politicians and fuck letting some fat faggot in charge of deciding how the rich want poor peoples money spent dropping on his knees sucking dick and deciding exactly were our people should die based on the principle of doing what the fuck he's told. Let's stop funding the military let's plough all this income into shit that would improve the lives of everyone around us. Your banks going under, then you take to the streets and convince me to give you the hard-earned coins from my pocket, don't just assume that you can reach in an purloin it.
Wow... I found someone more hateful than Clegg... I didn't know
that was possible outside of child killers and Nickelback.
The fact that charity exists at all is merely proof that at some point the human race decided that security was more important than morality without for a single moment focussing on whether or not we were worthy of security if we made that decision.
This, and training someone to use it, is worth about 20 cancer victims.
I'm going to finish up tonight by repeating what the 'Occupy' movement stands for...

The fact that the top 1% of earners use their wealth and
influence to control the legislative agenda is wrong.

If you don't agree with this and you aren't in the top 1% 
then you've just admitted that your opinion is worthless.

eddie <there's a reason we don't have the society we want>


  1. I totally agree with the general concept of 'Charity? Fuck that!'
    People will only get anywhere in the world if they do it for themselves. I come from a poor background (financially), but have never been given a bite out of any charity's money pie (considering the collective millions that go towards them every year).
    I hate it when I see other poor people whining about their prediciment, and then using it as an excuse to not do anything about it. Seriously, FUCK THEM!

    Gandalf from Lord of the Rings gives a great quote:

    "I wish none of this had happened!" (Frodo)
    "So do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." (Gandalf)

    Rant over, thankyou

    1. Dear Mag Lag,

      i get your point ok you grew up poor, so did I, I worked hard and achieved something. But you don't have to be poor to need charity.

      Did you know that 40% of medical research as well as ambulance services, in particular air ambulance is funded by charities?

      Many universities as well as schools are topped up by charity - thus how do you know that charity haven't paid for your customers, your suppliers or your own education?

      But even if you consider the poor, sometimes all the person needs is just a little nudge, which ok may cost us as donors 300-500 pounds or dollars. But than that person turn into and individual who returns value to our society is able to purchase our product or good etc etc. The list can go on and on an on :)

    2. yea im still dont giving my money away to parasitic beggers.

  2. The way you write this is very inspiring. I agree with you. Regards.

  3. I think I just popped a bit of wood.